Bill Gates has become the biggest target of lying news about coronavirus


According to a new study, Bill Gates, who resigned from his founding position at Microsoft to support coronavirus studies, is still at the center of the plot theories produced by the outbreak.

According to data compiled by the American New York Times newspaper and media research firm Zignal Labs, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has become the biggest target of shared misleading information for the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

On social media, the conspiracy theories that billionaire entrepreneur was associated with coronavirus were shared 33 percent more than conspiracy theories that linked COVID-19 to 5G. Research from February to April shows that false news about Gates and the virus have reached an incredible size on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Conspiracy theories that link Bill Gates to the coronavirus continue to spread rapidly
According to the report, the 10 most popular Youtube videos related to the allegations in question were watched about five million times in March and April. There are many variants of claims linking Gates with coronavirus on social media. For example, one suggests that the famous billionaire created the virus to cull humanity or to implement a global surveillance system.

These theories, which have enough imagination to envy even the best screenwriters of Hollywood, are getting horribly high interactions. Although Twitter, Facebook and Google take a proactive attitude towards conspiracy theories about coronavirus, they can prevent the sharing of these claims to some extent.

In one of the theories, Gates is claimed to have created the COVID-19 to build a global surveillance system
The New York Times and Zignal Labs report points out that Gates’ 2015 speech, which he said was the virus threat, not nuclear wars, has received 25 million new views in recent weeks. According to the New York Times, right-wing experts and conspiracies in America think the video in question is the biggest proof of Gates’ plan.

Gates, who recently left his position at Microsoft, where he was a co-founder to support work on COVID-19, is working hard to prevent the outbreak from spreading with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a nonprofit organization where he is chairman. However, the false news storm on social media shows that the spread is not just an epidemic.

Gates donated $ 100 million to find the drug for COVID-19
Gates had made a $ 100 million donation worth less than 1 percent of his total wealth to find the drug for COVID-19. The founder and CEO of social media platform Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced last week that he will donate $ 1 billion to combat the coronavirus outbreak.


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