Bill Gates Announces His Vaccine for COVID-19


Bill Gates, one of the names we talked about the most since the outbreak of the coronavirus, announced on Twitter that he has a COVID-19 vaccine. Gates thanked all healthcare professionals and scientists in his message.

Bill Gates, one of the most talked about names since the days of the coronavirus, announced that he had the COVID-19 vaccine in his post on his Twitter account today. Gates also included the pose he gave with a mask and a rolled-up arm in his post.

One of the benefits of being 65 years old is that I am eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. I got my first dose this week and I feel great. Thank you to the regulators and frontline health workers, “he said.

He was one of the most spoken names in this process:

Bill Gates, who is 65 years old, took his place in Washington state’s priority due to his age. Gates, who told us years ago that the world will be turned upside down due to a virus, was one of the targets of the allegations that people will be inserted into chips with the coronavirus vaccine.

Last week, Bill Gates shared that he looks forward to working with the new US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on COVID-19 and climate change. Gates stated that as more people in the USA are vaccinated, they are getting closer to normal life.

About a year ago, Bill Gates announced that he had resigned from his post at Microsoft to “devote more time to philanthropic priorities including global health, development, education and climate change”. Gates has been consulting Microsoft ever since.


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