Bill Gates Announces What Can Be Done In The Fight Against The Corona Virus


Bill Gates, one of the most famous names in the world, explained how to fight the Corona virus in his blog post. “The world must save lives now,” Gates said.

Bill Gates, who is one of the richest people in the world and is also the president of the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’, listed in his blog post yesterday that they thought it should be done in the fight against the Corona virus. Gates said the whole world should react to outbreaks.

In the first part of his statement, Bill Gates announced the statistics of the Corona virus. Gates announced that the Corona virus has a 1 percent case death rate. This rate makes the Corona virus much more severe than the typical seasonal flu. In 1958, two important influenza outbreaks, the death rate was around 0.6 percent, while the proportion of the flu outbreak in 1918 was 2 percent.

Gates explained that the Corona virus has been at an important point in the rate of incident compared to other outbreaks. The famous name also noted that the Corona virus caused 10 times more cases than SARS in just 3 months.

Bill Gates said that countries should help low and middle income countries as well as help their citizens in the fight against the Corona virus. Gates said that African and South Asian countries can already be helped to prepare for the Corona virus, which can slow the spread of the Corona virus.

Acceleration of drug discovery studies to be used in the treatment of the Corona virus was one of Gates’ agenda items. Gates explained that by using libraries tested for security and using machine learning, antivirals can be prepared for clinical research.

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Bill Gates also made suggestions to prevent future outbreaks like the Corona virus seen in many countries of the world. Gates said it is important to help low- and middle-income countries strengthen primary health care systems as a primary ingredient. In addition to helping low- and middle-income countries, Gates underlined the importance of establishing a common database that epidemics-related organizations can access instantly.

Gates explained that there is a need for a system capable of developing billions of doses and developing safe, effective vaccines and antivirals against fast-spreading virus outbreaks. Bill Gates added that the necessary arrangements and international effort are required for the speedy operation of this system.

Bill Gates said in his blog post that looking at how the Corona virus affects supply chains, exchanges and people’s lives, investing a few billion dollars to prevent such a major epidemic is not important at all.


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