Bill Gates’ $ 43 Million Mansion Was Displayed for the First Time


Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, settled in an oceanfront mansion with his wife because of the coronavirus epidemic that turned into a pandemic. The mansion, which is said to cost 43 million dollars, has an area of ​​5,800 square meters and this ‘cute house’ was first displayed.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the most famous names in the software industry, is among the richest people in the world. Gates, who recently resigned from his position at Microsoft and devoted himself to projects against the coronavirus, which turned into a pandemic, now lives with his wife in an oceanfront mansion in the USA. Gates and his wife, who will stay here throughout the quarantine, have been displayed for the first time, which is thought to cost exactly $ 43 million.

The mansion, where Bill Gates quarantined himself and his wife, is exactly 5,800 square meters. Besides the normal living spaces, the mansion, which has a greenhouse, has a family residence and 2 guest houses. The mansion, which became more fascinating as the details are entered, was put up for sale for $ 48 million in 2019. The mansion, which was bought by Bill Gates at the end of March, offers a living space that you would not want to go out of until the end of your life.

Bill Gates’ mansion, which is thought to cost $ 43 million
This mansion, where Bill Gates and his wife will remain in quarantine for a while, has a 10-person Jacuzzi. Thus, the hosts and their guests can enjoy the jacuzzi all together. However, the possibilities offered by Bill Gates’ $ 43 million estate are not limited to this.

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The 5,800 square meter mansion owned by Microsoft founder Bill Gates; It also has interesting living areas such as home cinema, tennis court and glass pool. In short, Bill Gates seems to be in a house that will meet all his needs right now and will stay here for a long time.


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