Bill Belichick has made his opinion about Mac Jones very clear


New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones appeared to be very upset during Friday’s preseason loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, as he was seen sticking a tablet into the game. But does head coach Bill Belichick share the same frustration about the Pro Bowl quarterback?

Appearing on the Greg Hill show on Monday, Belichick made it clear that he respects Mack Jones and his preparation for the game. He praised Jones up and down, stating that he had seen nothing but serious work.

“Mac was in a great mood every day. Comes early… He is one of our most consistent employees and prepares very well. I haven’t seen anything other than that,” Belichick said.

Jones went 9 of 13 for 71 yards and an interception on Friday. However, he wasn’t much better in his limited action against the Carolina Panthers the week before.

After the Patriots made the playoffs, got into the Pro Bowl and finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting last season, expectations for Mack Jones are very high this season.

But there are still pretty obvious holes in Jones’ game, some of which showed up in the most horrific way during their crushing playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills at the end of last season.

Perhaps Jones feels that he has not yet been able to correct these mistakes.

But, apparently, Bill Belichick is happy with his development. This may be the most important.


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