Bilheteria: Tom & Jerry has a surprising US debut


Mixing animation and live-action, Tom & Jerry had an amazing debut in the United States. The feature grossed $ 13.7 million at the box office and became the second largest fundraiser in a weekend in the pandemic.

Warner Bros. production also performed very well outside the US. The film hit theaters in 33 countries – including Brazil – and grossed $ 25 million. With that, the adventure of the iconic characters totaled US $ 38.8 million worldwide.

For many analysts, Tom & Jerry’s excellent performance is a sign that cinemas are recovering. However, it will take some time for productions to reach “pre-pandemic” box office levels.

Another admirable point is that the production aimed at children had a simultaneous premiere on HBO Max. In this case, the film will be available on the streaming service for 30 days and at no additional cost to subscribers.

“This is a great opening at a time when half of the cinemas are closed, the pandemic remains a threat and the production is available at home,” said David A. Cross, from Franchise Entertainment Research, a cinema consultancy, Variety.

Room rental for private sessions

According to Warner Bros., ticket sales for Tom & Jerry were driven by families who rented movie theaters for private screenings. A practice that is becoming common among display companies in the USA.

“Without a doubt, there is a fever of sessions with only parents and children watching successful family films during the pandemic. But I believe that we are looking at the beginning of a bigger trend ”, comments Shaw Robbins, chief analyst at Box Office Pro.

For him, the decrease in cases of the virus and the arrival of vaccines makes the public more comfortable to go to the cinema following health measures. Thus, the most popular film premieres can help the resumption of theaters in the USA


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