BigHit invites you to visit the HYBE Corporation facilities


The CEO of BTS inaugurated BigHit’s new business model, with the intention of turning it into a great K-pop company. A new future awaits for BTS and Bang Si Hyuk thanks to HYBE’s new facilities and business models, BigHit’s transformation. This will be the new K-pop company.

With the success of the K-pop group worldwide, the CEO of the entertainment agency that gave birth to one of the most popular and representative groups in the industry will be able to start a new era with its artists. The new building will house endless spaces where idols can develop all their creativity in order to communicate to everyone with music.

Through a conference on its official social networks and Korean media, the well-known BigHit announced the official changes under the name HYBE Corporation.What will happen to BTS ,. K-pop and all business? The company will have a new model with several branches dedicated to different areas of sale and entertainment.

The new building will house dance rooms, production and recording studios, changing rooms, a library, gymnasiums, an auditorium and recreation spaces for employees. In this way, K-pop groups under the BigHit label will be able to make their music and new releases organically within the same company.


The great building of BigHit, now converted into HYBE will have a diverse spaces for the creation of music, administration and the artistic development of K-pop groups and soloists. According to the plans shown by the CEO, the multi-story tower will have spaces like a recording room, apparently with its own green screen for the MVs.

They will also have green areas for the recreation of employees or artists. Different desks for workers, levels dedicated to administration, groups and physical activities with dance rooms and its own gym. The auditorium could work for future Christmas events, annual gatherings, or important presentations.

Upon the demise of the label that brought BTS to life , BigHit’s name will remain in the field of music known as Labels Music. This in turn will be made up of SEVENTEEN’s Pledis Entertainment and NU’EST, Source Music with GFriend, Zico’s Koz and BigHit Japan who will debut a new Japanese group. HYBE will be divided into sub- agencies of Solutions, Platforms that will be managed by VLive and Weverse. The licensing branch for merch will be HYBE Up, HYBE Edu for Learn Korean with BTS , HYBE Solutions Japan, among others. According to CEO Bang Si Hyuk,

The new company aims to connect everyone with music, be a new business model, and expand relationships in order to innovate Korean entertainment. Boosting the creativity of K-pop artists will be one of HYBE’s priorities .

Regarding BTS and their activities, it is still unknown what kind of changes there will be in their promotions or new comebacks. HYBE is expected to introduce a new form of advertising, products, and career opportunities for the K-pop group.

In addition to success in music and business, the idols also influence education thanks to their Learn Korean with BTS course that was turned into a college course.


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