BigHit Entertainment Debuts the Korean Stock Exchange


BTS’s record label is now listed on the Stock Exchange, and South Korean analysts have been keeping an eye on its development.

For some time, Big Hit Entertainment announced its interest in becoming a public company through its listing on the Stock Exchange, this aroused the interest of fans of all K-Pop groups that are now part of the company, including BTS. The company has already made this transition, and economic and investment analysts have shared how the change turned out.

Although the management of the company’s shares may seem alien to K-Pop fans, the reality is that all of them have been pending regarding the way in which Big Hit Entertainment decided to evolve as a company and the first results have already begun. to be shown.


Due to the economic strength that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have gained in the most recent years, this transition was a process that kept analysts from South Korea and abroad in check.

According to its reports, the company managed to double its value during the first hour, but after that, its shares began to drop a few points in its growth percentage.

Despite this, the value of Big Hit Entertainment managed to be higher than in its debut on the Stock Market. According to Korean analysts, the way this transition occurred was predictable and remains an achievement despite the slight drop.

Since the members of BTS are some of the strongest shareholders of Big Hit Entertainment, the start of the company as part of the Stock Market has also benefited these idols, who are also the artists who give the most income to this company. .

The 2020 Billboard Music Awards were held yesterday and Bangtan Sonyeondan won a very special award thanks to his fans around the world.


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