BigHit and YG Plus team up, how will it benefit fans and groups?


The K-pop company plans to expand the K-pop business and will do various commercial collaborations with other platforms.

BigHit will invest in YG PLUS in order to generate much more publicity and merchandise from its K-pop artists, in addition, it plans to modify platforms such as Weverse and VLive for a better fan experience.

The company that runs BTS has become one of the most successful in the industry, its CEO is the richest man in the country, as well as the boys are the most millionaires. Since its opening on the stock market, several investments have been received and others have also been made for the benefit of artists, fans and profits.

Through the Korean media, it was reported that BigHit plans to invest in YG Plus , an alternative firm to the K-pop company YG, since it handles marketing, advertising, models and creation of merchandise, it was also said that the firmbENX (Weverse) will take over VLive , the platform managed by Naver, in order to offer new content and services for fans.

The K-pop business is not only based on new music, comebacks or concepts, the importance of international distribution and publicity is important, because fans have more facilities to acquire albums and contribute to the sales that are registered in Hanteo , the most important chart in K-pop.


According to early reports, Naver will invest 354.8 billion won in beNX, thereby becoming BigHit’s largest investor . Weverse and VLive will be the best platforms for K-pop group content , so fans will be able to enjoy new features, videos, and more.

The long-term benefit is better idol-fan communication through these platforms. On the other hand, BigHit and beNX will invest 70 billion won in YG Plus , in order for the firm to collaborate with the distribution of music, products and advertising,fandoms would have the possibility to buy records or official items in specific stores or online, where shipping prices and dollar rates are more accessible.

So far, it was clarified that this plan does not interfere with the career of YG or BigHit artists, it is only an agreement that aims to expand the K-pop business and create a new experience for fans globally, in addition to fixing the flaws. of some apps like Weverse and VLive.

Another release that BTS has prepared is the Winter Package , a photo album and postcards inspired by winter, the K-pop group unleashed the theories.


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