Biggest Solar Flash Moment of All Time Recorded [Video]


The Solar Orbiter spacecraft has recorded the largest solar flare moment to date. According to the statements made by the authorities; It is stated that this is an event that has been observed in a single moment so far.
From time to time, explosions called solar flares occur on the surface of the Sun, which is the heat and light source of our planet. The effects of the large-sized ones of these flares can also make their effects felt on our planet. The last of such explosions took place in the past few days.

Also a few months ago, the biggest eruption from 2017 to 2021 occurred. In addition, a Sunspot called AR2838 was shown as the source of the explosion in recent months. Now, the spacecraft named Solar Orbiter has recorded the moment of the biggest solar flare of all time the other day.

Recorded as the biggest solar flare of all time
The moment of a solar flare was recorded for the first time as the largest event ever observed by a single image, and officials who wanted to try to fully understand the event announced that NASA and the European Space Agency would carry out this work together.

The European Space Agency said in a statement the other day; “Solar ridges are large structures of tangled magnetic field lines, sometimes taking the form of curved loops, that hang dense concentrations of solar plasma above the sun’s surface. It’s also worth noting that the Sun’s occasional flares are often associated with coronal mass eruptions. If it comes to Earth, it can occasionally interfere with satellites, power lines, and other important infrastructure.” said.

It has been announced that the mass ejection that emerged as a result of this solar flare recorded on Tuesday, February 15 by the spacecraft called Solar Obriter, developed by the European Space Agency, did not come towards the Earth. You can watch the moment of this Solar flare below.