Biggest mistake made in the drama and fans didn’t see it


From 2005 to 2019, CBS broadcast 15 seasons of one of the most successful crime dramas of all time, Criminal Minds.

During the time it was on the air, Criminal Minds won the hearts of millions of fans not only in the US, but around the world.

In each case presented, the entire cast of Criminal Minds showed an acting quality of height with respect to their characters. However, during the development of the series, a major mistake was being made that fans may not have detected.

It turns out that regarding some creative liberties of the creators of the show, about the interrogation scenes, Criminal Minds presented major errors. Now, prosecutor David Fleck has talked a bit about why these scenes are not credible.

And it is that during an interview with Pauli Poisuo, from the Looper website, the prosecutor pointed out the error in scenes where there is provocation or threats in the interrogations during the development of Criminal Minds. This was said by the interviewed specialist:

“Confessions must be voluntary and not coerced, otherwise they are excluded from the evidence.”

“It is possible to threaten violence without using words and even threats are considered coercive. Confessions caused by psychological duress are not automatically excluded from the test, but the judge would determine whether this would make the confession involuntary and unreliable. ”

Speaking of another scenario that occurred in the fourth season of Criminal Minds, Fleck commented on the interrogation of Henry Grace (Jason Alexander), conducted by David Rossi, in which the suspect is not restricted in any way and even whispers in Rossi’s ear. .

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“The obvious problem with this questioning is that the special agent allows the murder suspect to get too close to him. In real life, police officers would never take such risks. ”

Importantly, the series Criminal Minds is a fictional program, and therefore, it is evident that the creative freedoms of the series were taken into account in order to generate more dramatic situations.


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