BIGBANG’s Daesung celebrates his birthday with the love of vip


There is no doubt that the idol is very loved by his faithful followers who have been with him for years.

Daesung is celebrating! Kang Daesung was born on April 26, 1989 in the port city of Incheon in South Korea , today he is celebrating his birthday .

Daesung always wanted to be on stage showing off his skills and talents , although his parents were opposed to his dream, the idol tried at all costs to prepare to be admitted to some talent agency, he auditioned at YG Entertainment where he was accepted to enter as an apprentice.

All his hard work was reflected on September 23, 2016 , Daesung debuted with his 4 companions in Big Bang , a group that due to its musical style and fresh proposal quickly took the attention of the public that has followed them along. weather.

VIP has seen the Big Bang member grow and become a great artist , who despite the problems that arise has always come out ahead, taking situations or circumstances as learning.

The fans are sending loving messages and admiration in social networks with the hashtag #SmileyDaesungDay, which is trend thanks to the impact that has had on their fans.

These are the wishes and congratulations to the followers of the idol: