BIGBANG Could Have an Undefined Hiatus in South Korea


After the controversy of his former partner, it seems that the group will take a hiatus in his native country.

Since BIGBANG finished its military service, VIP has remained in the expectation that the boys make their first comeback , because after Seungri’s departure, it is not known what his plans will be.

The fandom speculated that the group could release an album before its presentation of Coachella in March; However, TOP’s latest statements have left all his fans in doubt.

BIGBANG is one of the most representative bands of K-pop, but following the controversy of Seungri, the group has been involved in criticism by the haters, although it is not the first time that its members express their disagreement with the Korean public.

Through an Instagram live, TOP said they don’t intend to make a Korean comeback , that he really doesn’t want to do it and seems to joke about people being bad. It is not known if it was an indirect to the criticisms they receive, but the fandom believes that after the scandal of his former partner, it would be the healthiest for them.

Some fans have shown their support for the idol, but they think it could also be something about solo activities, since since the group left the army they have not had any kind of project in Korea. Other fans think he was just kidding, but the Korean yellow media took the opportunity to draw their context statements.


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