BIGBANG Fans Send Protest Truck To YG Entertainment Building


BIGBANG fans in Korea staged a protest by sending a truck in front of the YG Entertainment building. This fanclub named BIGBANG Fan Union sent a protest truck in front of the YG Entertainment building on Monday (29/11).

Through the truck, BIGBANG fans wrote, “YG Entertainment is not doing the most basic things they should do as an agency. We demand the agency’s support of the 4 BIGBANG members and the fandom management.”

In addition, they also asked the agency to take legal action against those who spread false rumors and asked the agency to reactivate BIGBANG’s official SNS accounts.

They again wrote, “In the 5-year hiatus, we are still looking forward to the stage performances of the four BIGBANG members.”

Finally, fans demand that the agency can provide certainty for BIGBANG’s future activities.