Big PlayStation games are coming to mobile devices


PlayStation Studios’ new job posting signaled that the company started to turn to the mobile gaming side. The PlayStation team may soon bring video games of great interest to iOS and Android operating systems.

It would not be right to say that PlayStation winked at the mobile gaming industry for the first time. Because in May 2016, the Uncharted Fortune Hunter game came to both mobile operating systems and attracted great attention. Applications such as PlayStation Remote Play and PlayStation PlayLink also make the company stand out on mobile; The team gave hints that they will work harder for this market in the future.

PlayStation Studios shared a new job for Mobile games

Sony Interactive Entertainment posted a job posting for the Head of Mobile position at Greenhouse this week. The California-based company stated that it needed a team member to promote its vision, mission and strategy for mobile game development for PlayStation Studios.

The company, which is looking for the Head of Mobile Division, will direct PlayStation Studios’ route to smartphones and tablet devices. The company, which wants to adapt its popular game series to mobile, will prepare a 3 to 5-year product roadmap for the mobile industry with its new staff.

Sony will replace portable consoles with mobile devices

The mobile gaming market, a multi-billion dollar industry, has become the center of attention even for the largest gaming companies. While the popular console manufacturer Nintendo serves this area by making hit games such as Pokemon GO; The surprising success graphics of Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile also attracted the attention of the whole market.

Sony announced last month that it will remove the PSP and PS Vita handheld consoles from the PS Store, as well as the PlayStation 3. Portable gaming devices that left their mark on a period will end their official support in the summer. But after the latest job announcement, the company will replace its lost portable consoles with mobile devices.


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