Big News From These 13 Altcoins: Here Are The Critical Developments!


We list this week’s biggest altcoin news. COTI’s Native launch and Bloktopia’s new IDO roadmap are just some of them. Here are the critical developments…

Agoric token sale started on CoinList

PoS Blockchain Agoric has announced that registration has begun for its upcoming token sale. The token sale is expected to occur at exactly 18:00 (UTC) on December 29, 2021 on CoinList. According to the official announcement, the token sale will take place in two phases.

Altcoin project COTI announces the launch of Native

COTI, the world’s first DAG protocol for decentralized payments, has announced the launch of COTI Native. Interested parties can now seamlessly convert COTI native tokens to Euros. In addition, the converted funds can also be spent immediately using the COTI debit card.

Unmarshal Solana Indexer is published!

Multi-chain DeFi data network Unmarshal has announced plans to launch the Unmarshal Solana Indexer. Indexer will go live on December 25, 2021. Solana will bring speed and top-notch indexing features to the Blockchain.

Waggle Network GalaxyWar whitelist launch

Decentralized multi-chain platform Waggle Network has announced the details of the Pre-IDO launch for GalaxyWar NFT. The whitelist for the pre-IDO launch has been released today, and interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the upcoming IDO.

The new altcoin skyrocketed after being listed on two major exchanges!

An altcoin that helps them optimize investor returns is rising after two top cryptocurrency exchanges gave the green light. Related altcoin Convex Finance (CVX) is the DeFi protocol built on stablecoin exchange Curve Finance (CRV). According to the latest news, CVX is listed on both Binance and Huobi Global.

Terra (LUNA) beats BSC to set $20 billion TVL record

As reported by Somanews, Terra has become the second largest DeFi altcoin project in terms of TVL after Ethereum. At TVL value, Terra is currently the second largest DeFi network below Ethereum and above Binance Smart Chain. For reference, BSC has 225 products in the DeFi ecosystem and a TVL of $16.7 billion that has been declining all month, while Ethereum has $155.7 billion in TVL.

Toncoin has partnered with a verified donation bot

Toncoin, the rebranded version of Telegram’s TON token, has partnered with a verified donation bot. According to the official announcement, the latest deal basically allows users to donate and pay for their subscriptions using the Toncoin cryptocurrency.

Altcoin project Avalanche uses StackOS for its DeCloud feature

Decentralized cloud protocol StackOS is joining forces with the Avalanche Blockchain platform after being declared the network’s preferred DeCloud provider for its growing developer ecosystem. The confirmation came after a poll on the official StackOS Twitter account questioned Blockchain, which users wanted to see if the protocol could become interoperable. Now developers will have the opportunity to leverage StackOS’ Infrastructure Protocol for high-traffic dApps, private Blockchain networks and mainnet distribution.

Altcoin Binance Coin (BNB) launches the “Auto-Burn Deflation Mechanism” (ADM)

It has launched an auto-burn feature that will prove itself as a long-standing deflation mechanism for BNB. Binance maintains that Binance Coin will now be burned automatically instead of relying on the quarterly burns it has used so far.


Dogecoin and Ethereum founders are building something together

Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Dogecoin Foundation and the second largest cryptocurrency in the market, announced the creation of a unique Dogecoin offering that will bring “Community Staking” PoS to anyone who wishes to participate. The staking-focused GigaWallet project presented in the roadmap will be used to provide an API solution that will allow Dogecoin transactions to be added to the platform, and to implement the coin’s network as a payment provider.

Bloktopia (BLOK) has announced a new IDO roadmap

Bloktopia has announced its plans to support more IDO launches in the new year by making strategic changes to the BLOKPAD launchpad. New projects will be able to visit the metaverse to interact with the team running the most successful IDO of 2021. BLOKPAD announced the news with the following tweet.

HUMAN Protocol migrated to mainnet! 200,000 users added

HUMAN App, the main product for job search in the HUMAN Protocol, has successfully deployed and activated its mainnet version. With their instruments, anyone interested in a new job will be able to leverage a blockchain to boost their career. According to the official announcement, its core product, HUMAN App, is now out of beta testing. The mainnet version was released on December 22, 2021.