Big Mouth: trailer for the 4th season of the animation


Anxiety is coming to take over the minds of teenagers from Big Mouth, the Netflix animated series Emmy-nominated, and which had its 4th season trailer released today (13).

The video features the new monster that will accompany the young characters in the new season: Tito, the Anxiety Mosquito, who appears to bite Nick as he runs into the forest after a disappointment at his summer camp, which was “invaded” by his friend Andrew.

Jessi also tries to cope with her anxiety when she finds out that Jay and Lola are now a new couple. All this while facing a big red wave coming to disrupt your life more.

Matthew talks openly about being gay with his father, but he fears the consequences that it could have.

Finally, we are introduced to a dystopian future in which an apocalypse, announced by an adult version of Missy, is approaching.

Check out the trailer for the 4th season of Big Mouth:


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