“Big mistake”: George Clooney’s children can speak Italian!


George (61) and Amal Clooney (44) probably didn’t think it through to the end! The actor and lawyer have been raising twins since 2017. Little Alexander and his sister Ella seem to be the pride of the couple. In fact, they keep their children away from the public as much as possible, but every now and then they divulge cute details about their offspring. So: George jokingly showed what step of co-parenting he regrets!

“We made a big mistake by letting them learn Italian because we don’t speak Italian,” the Hollywood star joked in an interview with CBS Mornings, adding: “We armed them with a language they can use to harm us – we don’t really know what they’re saying. George laughed. So the twins seem to be able to make secret plans.

At least that’s what Alexander does. Amal said her son learned to joke from his father. “You taught him all this, and now he’s cheating on his own dad,” the 44—year-old smiled in a further conversation.


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