Big Little Lies: Nicole Kidman teases a possible season 3


Would a season 3 of the HBO series Big Little Lies be possible? Nicole Kidman seems to think so.

It is one of the best series of recent years and especially one of the biggest cast on the small screen. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz plunged us into the secret dramas of a seemingly quiet city, Monterey, California. While the first two seasons of Big Little Lies were broadcast only a few weeks ago on TF1, fans are still hoping for a 3rd season and Nicole Kidman too. Recently interviewed by Marie-Claire magazine, the actress who lends her features to Celeste Wright said: “Reese and I talk every week (…), we just really want to work together again. I sent a message to Zoë and Laura, they are on board. The writers and Liane (the author of the book from which the series is inspired) have very good ideas for a new season. Stay vigilant! “.

If season 2 of Big Little Lies made it possible to close several big intrigues and left our 5 heroines on happy ends, we left the 5 friends at the gates of the police station, obviously ready to admit the real circumstances surrounding Perry’s death. Wright. Season 3 could therefore follow the consequences of these confessions and the impact of these revelations on the small town. We trust the writers to find something to keep us going for another 6 episodes because, like Nicole Kidman, we really want to find the Big Five of Monterey for an additional season. In the meantime, Nicole Kidman will soon be featured in The Undoing series on OCS.

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