Big game will have official revelation at The Game Awards 2021


It’s close to The Game Awards 2021, the most important event in the gaming industry, called the “Oscar of video games”. Geoff Keighley, presenter and creator of the event, shared yesterday (28) on his Twitter that we will have a world premiere where the event team has been working with the developer for two and a half years. The event promises to have the largest schedule of premieres and previews in the history of the awards.

The tweet left fans of the Zelda franchise speculating that we will finally have the official unveiling of the acclaimed Breath of the Wild sequel. The game was announced, coincidentally, 2 and a half years ago, but no details were released, not even its title. Some players claim that this is impossible, as the title was previewed before, but the TGA has already made world premieres of titles that had been shown before, but in a special and more detailed way.

Earlier this year, Nintendo said it would keep the name of the sequel a secret to prevent plot details from being uncovered, but asked fans to stay tuned for news soon. In 2021, the Zelda franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary, which makes the rumors even more heated.

The event will be broadcast on December 9th, at 10 pm, where we will finally have the answer and lots of news about other titles. You can see the list of nominees here.