Big fire strikes Huawei lab in China


A research lab related to Huawei’s 4G and 5G technologies located in the city of Dongguan, China, was hit by a major fire on Friday (25), officials say. A material released by the portal, with captures of buildings near the installation, shows large columns of smoke coming from the site.

According to a statement published on WeChat, the fire department says no fatalities or injuries have been reported. Still according to the same profile, it all started around 3:16 pm (local time), and the flames were extinguished at 4:50 pm. The source of the fire has not yet been identified.

In a report, the entity states that it positioned a team when receiving an alarm about the incident, having been informed that it was a building with a steel structure and flammable cotton pads aimed at sound absorption.

Huawei Connect

The tragedy occurred on the same day that the manufacturer promotes one of the sessions of the Huawei Connect online event, aimed at technology professionals, market analysts and business partners. With the theme “Boosting Digital and Intelligent Transformation through 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud”, it started last Wednesday (23) and should happen until October 31st.

Virtual sessions, including lectures, a tour of the exhibition center and divided by sectors (finance, energy, government and transport) and solutions (network, IT, data transmission, cloud and artificial intelligence, among others), are part of the initiative. Huawei has yet to comment on the case.

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