BIG Festival 2021 presents games classified for final award


Last Wednesday (31), the BIG Festival organizing team announced which are the finalist games for this year’s edition. For this edition, more than 90 games from 25 different countries were selected, with Brazil representing 30% of the total games chosen for the final.

It was also informed that, in addition to a statuette, the winners will receive prizes provided by the company Xsolla: it will give US $ 500 in services to all nominees for the Festival, as well as US $ 100 thousand in cash for the specific category of the company. Best Game, totaling more than US $ 115 thousand in cash and services for the participants.


Check out the following two main categories and the nominees in each of them, remembering that the award will take place online on May 6, at 9:30 pm:

Best Game

A Short Hike (Canada)
Curious Expedition 2 (Germany)
Figment 2: Creed Valley (Denmark)
Genesis Noir (USA)
Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived (Romania)
Liberated (Poland)
Not for Broadcast (United Kingdom)
Pathologic 2 (Russia)
Per Aspera (Argentina)
The Signifier: Director’s Cut (Chile)

Best Brazilian Game

Fortune Teller (Garoa Studios)
Dandy Ace (Mad Mimic)
Enso (Feevale University)
Phobia – St Dinfna Hotel (Pulsatrix Studios)
Hero Among Us (Fire Horse Studio)
Kaze and the Wild Masks (PixelHive)
Red Ronin (Wired Dreams Studio)
Retro Machina (Orbit Studio)
Slash Quest (Big Green Pillow and Mother Gaia)
Truth and Tales (Explot)


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