Big Facebook leak: find out if you’ve been affected


Last Saturday (3), data from 533 million Facebook users were leaked and are now available free of charge in a well-known hacker forum. The bank contains information such as full name, telephone number, date of birth and email. According to The Record, the bank was divided into 106 different packages, one for each country.

Although Facebook said that the data in question is old and that it is part of a breach in the platform that has already been corrected, experts verified the information and said that the data is legitimate. That is, the bank can still be used by cybercriminals to carry out social engineering attacks and to practice scams and frauds.

On the platform, people can also check all credential violations linked to the email address registered on the page.

In addition, the site’s founder, Troy Hunt, said in a tweet that he plans to expand the service so that the platform also identifies leaked phone numbers in the database. For people affected by data disclosure, experts recommend that the password be changed as soon as possible.


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