How big are they? Daniella Chavez caught: ducks and sweeps!


The essential is the physical, and that is all left over, then there are those who are known for fitness, for parading, for entrepreneurship and then there is Daniella Chavez, who claims to be a model for everything he has but is known worldwide for his affair with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Daniella is the one that gives pleasure to the retina of her more than 12 million followers on Instagram, which she likes to carry a little on top so that her own is seen in all its splendor and so that there is no doubt that talent and merit has , although the measure of this is based on the volume of his own.

Once in a while he has seen his hair on Televisa but the most talked about and what made the soccer player supposedly notice it was to be part of Playboy magazine when it was valid and important for some years, so Measure your merits Daniella!

Today he says he is a model, without being very clear about what, but it is true that he poses, that he lets himself be photographed and that projects are not lacking. Especially since they know what Daniella brings, and because of her lack of modesty, it is obvious.

In one of the photography sessions, they have caught her crouched, we do not know if due to work requirements or the law of gravity and the weight of her front, but it shows. His own, weigh, and too much.

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Sesión de fotos para @guess Sao Paulo #Brasil #LoveGuess

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Nor should it be easy to move that size, nor are there normal clothes that can cover all that greatness of yours.

Although teaching, it has never been a problem for you, right?


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