Big Coins Stare: These 5 Small Altcoins Just Fly Off The Board!


Today, although Bitcoin and Ethereum show little signs of vitality, these 5 small-volume altcoin projects fill the void with their gains…

Here are 5 altcoin projects that jumped off the green board

Tempo DAO is a fork of Olympus DAO, one of the most popular decentralized liquidity protocols on the Avalanche network. It allows users to lock funds in exchange for a high APY. Native token TEMPO flew 182% off the green board today. It is trading at $23.56 at the time of writing.

Monster Adventure Token is a Blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game that includes PVP and PVE game modes, where players can bleed for various rewards. This world contains Character NFTs, Land NFTs, and Power-Ups and gets stronger as players play. Native token MAT has exploded 207% in 24 hours and is busy finding support for a correction.

Today’s rally is featured on Metaverse Face, a decentralized blockchain platform that provides Face NFTs for Metaverse. What makes Metaverse Face unique is how quickly its teams can model 2D photos in 3D. The team has also integrated the Web3 Moralis testnet, one of the most powerful APIs for retrieving any type of data on the blockchain. The native token made the December 12 rise of 442% on MEFA. It trades at $0.0008833 after correction.

In second place is Mind Music (MND), which describes itself as the world’s first crypto-backed record label. The project wants to create its own independent record label by releasing a series of songs to raise awareness. It moved to the top ranks with a performance of 1414% in the 24-hour period. It is trading at $0.000000004399 with a volume of approximately $2 million.