Big cleanup in Bitfinex: 45 cryptocurrency pairs are removed


The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will remove a total of 45 cryptocurrency pairs from its platforms on Friday, with the rationale for improving liquidity.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced that it will remove many cryptocurrency pairs from the stock market due to their low trading volumes.

According to the statement , the stock exchange will exclude 45 cryptocurrencies in total from 13.00 on 6 March 2020. Users were asked to cancel their open orders in these pairs. Orders that are not canceled will be automatically canceled by the system. The stock market stressed that users can continue to buy and sell these crypto coins with other couples on Bitfinex.

The crypto pairs to be removed from Bitfinex are listed below.

Ethereum pairs: Fusion (FSN / ETH), Scorum (SCR / ETH), Credits (CSX / ETH), On.Live (ONL / ETH), Statis Euro (EUS / ETH), Atonomy (ATM / ETH), AidCoin ( AID / ETH), Aelf (ELF / ETH), Auctus (AUC / ETH), DAOstack (GEN / ETH), Mithril (MIT / ETH), Seer (SEE / ETH), Yggdrash (YGG / ETH), Contentbox (BOX / ETH), Lympo (LYM / ETH), BnkToTheFuture (BFT / ETH), OKEX (OKB / ETH), Blockpass (PAS / ETH), Loom Network (LOO / ETH), Verge (XVG / ETH), MATRIX AI Network (MAN / ETH), FOAM (FOA / ETH), Tripio (TRI / ETH), Vetri (VLD / ETH), Nucleus Vision (NCA / ETH), Universa (UTN / ETH), Cortex (CTX / ETH)

Bitcoin pairs : CommerceBlock (CBT / BTC), Edge (DAD / BTC), ORS Group (ORS / BTC), BLOCKv (VEE / BTC), Nectar Token (NEC / BTC), Nucleus Vision (NCA / BTC), Sentient Coin (SEN / BTC), Everipedia (IQX / BTC), POA (POA / BTC), Lympo (LYM / BTC), Hydro Protocol (HOT / BTC), YOYOW (YYW / BTC), Atonomy (ATM / BTC), AidCoin (AID / BTC), Medicalchain (MTN / BTC), Essentia (ESS / BTC)

DAI pairs: OmiseGO (OMG / DAI), 0x (ZRX / DAI)

Japanese Yen pair: Verge (XVG / JPY)


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