Big Brother’s Christy Murphy and Jamie Martin got married after Paris Proposal: “The Best Night of Our Lives”


They do! Nearly eight months after Christie Murphy and Jamie Martin celebrated their engagement in Paris, they tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

31-year-old Murphy and Martin celebrated their wedding at the wedding hall of Itsik on Saturday, April 23.

“We came here together very early in our relationship and we joked about just running away while we were there. We didn’t do it, but we said, “One day we will do it here.”

The couple previously held an intimate ceremony in December 2021 with their next of kin to obtain a marriage license at their residence in New Jersey. In honor of their shared love of travel and shared history in Tulum, Murphy and Martin really wanted to have an appointment ceremony a few months later.

“It was the most special day of our lives,” they told Us. “We can’t stop talking about it and looking at the photos with awe! All the months of planning and choosing every little thing just came together, and it was perfect! We both just keep saying it was literally the best night of our lives. Such an explosion and such a binder.”

Women added: “We are just incredibly grateful for how smooth the wedding week was! We loved it when our friends and family were there to get through the most important day of our lives — the only thing missing were our puppies [Raffles and Beans], but tomorrow we’re going home to see them!”

The Big Brother graduate, who participated in the 21st season of 2019, was dressed in a glamorous dress from Rue De Seine Bridal and Lovely Bride in Philadelphia with matching shoes from Bella Belle. Murphy showed off her full image in a series of wedding portraits made by Luxart wedding studio.

On Saturday, Murphy and Martin were affectionately joined by their wedding parties, which featured outfits from Birdy Grey, and several other reality TV stars from New Jersey. Talavera Analysis, Nick Maccarone, Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco, who appeared in Murphy’s season, were present along with the graduates of the 19th season of “Big Brother” Elena Davis and Marie Rhoda from the “Real World”.

The newlyweds have planned a serene romance with invitations created by Minted & Paper Doll Calligraphy, and venue settings provided by Planner 1 Events & Archive Events.

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place eight months after the boutique owner admired the couple’s Paris engagement.

“I haven’t woken up from this dream yet. Engaged to THE LOVE OF MY LIFE in Paris! 💍 ,” Murphy captioned on Instagram pictures of their proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower in August 2021.

The Mystic Earth entrepreneur met her love shortly after she returned home after participating in a reality show.

“I don’t know, I just [had] a very strange feeling… that something bigger was coming, and if I had been in Iceland [on the set of The Challenge], this wouldn’t have happened,” Murphy recalled during an episode in January 2021. from the podcast “Hello, friends”, noting his decision to refuse to participate in the MTV series. “I said: “I’m telling you, I think I’m going to meet my soulmate this week or something,” kind of as a joke. …Three days later I met Jamie.”

At the time , she added: “When the universe wants you to meet a person, it will happen when you’re not actually looking. She’s cool, actually she’s moving to Jersey, she’s moving in with me this weekend, it’s official. … I live in Jersey, in the house I just talked about, which I bought, I still live. She’s from Brooklyn and has now transferred two bridges to me. …We were slowly importing it.”

Scroll below to see more photos from the happy couple’s special day:

The Blushing bride

Martin’s favorite moment from their big day was to finally see his sweetheart in a wedding dress.

Mexican Fiesta

The duo got married in Tulum, Mexico.

Down the aisle

The couple called their wedding “a dream come true from start to finish.”

They do!

They shared their first kiss as wives on Saturday night.

Forever Dance Partners

“My favorite moment was probably our first dance to Calum Scott’s “Biblical” because we often rehearsed in the kitchen,” Murphy said. “Finally doing it for real was so wonderful.”

Sweet pleasure

The couple chose their wedding plans to give their guests a “beautiful journey” and a “little escape” from reality.

VIP guests

” Was so unusual that they became a part of it. It was the reunion we all needed, and to do it in the middle of the jungle was so cool,” Murphy enthused about the attendance of her colleagues from Big Brother.