Big Brother: Why players should never voluntarily enter the court


As has been proven over the last 24 seasons of “Big Brother,” it’s never a good idea for a houseguest to volunteer for the block. This could be one of the worst gaming decisions made in the series. Despite the fact that this almost always fails, players continue to voluntarily become pawns season after season. On the other hand, some superfanates refuse to go to the block as a pawn because they know that pawns (almost) always come home.

The start of Big Brother 24 was not easy due to the lack of eviction during the first week of the game. In almost all previous seasons, at least one player went home during the first week. In some seasons, the player was even evicted on the first night; however, due to the sudden departure of Big Brother Paloma Ogliar, the first eviction of the season, as well as a turn behind the scenes, were canceled. Paloma’s early exit from the game not only shocked the guests, but also shook up the game.

As the houseguests began to adjust and prepare for their first eviction of the summer, they did their best to find the perfect target to get out of the house. At the same time, Joe “Puig” Puccarelli unknowingly became a target. Before the nomination, Puig told the head of the family, Jasmine Davis, that she could nominate him as a pawn, which is one of the biggest mistakes in the Big Brother game. In fact, in many cases, this decision makes it more obvious to viewers that the player is a Big Brother recruit and not a fan who auditioned for the show. Guests who know the game inside and out know better than to volunteer to be on the block. This gameplay move did not always end well for the player.

As a rule, when a player voluntarily goes to the block as a pawn, on the final night he turns out to be an evicted guest. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the head of the family at that time uses this as a way to get a big threat out of the house without getting his hands dirty with blood. In other cases, the house excites both the player and the head of the family with a shocking change of voices on the night of the eviction. Although a person has a chance to save himself with a veto contest (only if he is not a replacement for a nominal pawn), it is still a big risk. Needless to say, voluntary participation in a block can ruin or even end a player’s game.

Like many past players who volunteered to go to the block as a pawn, Big Brother Puig’s life may be in danger. If he hadn’t offered to go to the block, his name probably wouldn’t even have come to Jasmine’s attention. Now, having made this serious mistake in the gameplay, Puig can become the first evicted guest of the season. While this may seem like an obvious mistake, it is a Big Brother game move that is never undone no matter how many times it fails.


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