Big Brother: Why Daniel is one of the worst villains in the history of the show


Over the years, Big Brother has showcased a number of nasty personalities entering the house, but few have been as offended by the show’s passionate fans as Daniel Durston from season 24. The 35-year-old Elvis impersonator from Las Vegas, Daniel, entered the house with decent fan goodwill. He said he is a big fan of the show, and even mentioned his love for Big Brother Canada. as well as his obsession with Big Brother podcasts during his pre-game press interviews.

However, Daniel’s popularity among fans declined significantly in the first week, when, as the head of the family, he aimed at evicting Taylor Hale. Initially unwilling to appoint her, Daniel yielded to the will of the majority of the house members, who ostracized, humiliated and insulted Taylor behind her back all week. Big Brother star Taylor was saved on eviction night due to the unexpected departure of Paloma Aguilar, who was one of the driving forces behind Taylor’s isolation. She left the game for personal reasons, canceling the eviction.

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After his HOH reign, Daniel’s popularity dropped even further, and he made headlines as one of the most hated guests in the history of Big Brother. The main reason for the sarcasm towards Daniel is his disturbing personal fixation on Taylor, which has increased significantly since the first week. Daniel’s hostility towards Taylor intensified to the point that he and his alliance partner Nicole Layogh became almost inaccessible to observation due to their hateful attitude towards Taylor. Their enmity towards her reached a climax when Nicole, in a moment of self-pity (due to her dislike of Taylor), misinterpreted Taylor’s attempt to comfort her as a manipulative attempt to convince her to move out on her own. Taylor, ignoring the reason for Nicole’s breakdown, acted in good faith and tried to comfort her supposed girlfriend, but the situation led to Daniel scolding Taylor in front of the house on behalf of Nicole and made her cry.

Daniel is such a punk that I want to kick his ass. #BB24

— Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina) July 28, 2022

Nicole, of course, behaved terribly, but Daniel openly mocked Taylor to a threatening degree, accusing her of self-aggrandizing Paloma, telling her to “fuck off” and ordering her never to talk to him again, cementing her reputation as the least popular guest of Big Brother in recent years. Although he has not physically assaulted anyone or participated in outright acts of racism like controversial guests from previous seasons, Daniel’s ugly and problematic behavior puts him in unenviable company among the most unpleasant personalities of the show. Since then, he has brought Taylor weak half-accusations for his treatment of her. Taylor expressed concern about how he, a white man, scolds her, a black woman, as they relate to his life outside the home. However, despite Taylor’s extremely generous requests to fans not to treat him leniently, Daniel is in for a rude awakening when he leaves the house.

TV shows like Big Brother need funny villains to make an entertainment product, but there are some personalities who are not villains either in a strategic or in a game sense. Instead, they are mean and toxic to such an extent that it is inconvenient to watch the series. Daniel is far from such funny villains as Dr. Will Kirby or Dan Gisling. In fact, he put himself in the position of a “Monkey Paw” when he realized his dream of participating in Big Brother, but he will always be remembered for the wrong reasons, thanks to the very fan base that he hoped to represent.


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