Big Brother: Why Blindsiding Pooch Was Smart Gameplay (and Why It’s Not)


During the first live summer eviction, Big Brother House also implemented the first blind side of the season, shockingly evicting Joe “Puig” Puccarelli. In one sense it was a smart game move, and in another it was a mistake. Unlike almost all previous seasons of the show, the first live eviction occurred only two weeks after the start of the game. Initially, this was due to the sudden self-elevation of Paloma Ogliar.

Right before what was supposed to be the first eviction of the summer, the houseguests learned the shocking news that Paloma had decided to voluntarily leave Big Brother. Not only the guests of the house, but also the directors had to adapt to her sudden departure. As a result of her early departure, the turn of the Backstage Pass came to an end, and the first eviction was canceled. Then, during the second week, the first eviction was postponed again due to conflicts in the CBS schedule.

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When it finally came time to send the first guest packing, the house decided to turn the voices over to the shockingly blind side. Although the whole house was targeting Taylor Hale from day one, they eventually decided to keep her in the game. At the same time, they voted to evict Puig. Before the nominations, Puig volunteered to participate in the block. The head of the family, Jasmine Davis, as well as other guests with whom she worked closely, believed that the best game move was to get Puig out. Since Puig is a young man in good physical shape, many other players perceived him as a threat. Since he had already volunteered to go to the block as a pawn, this was the best and easiest way to get a potentially big threat out of the house.

While this could have been a good game move for Jasmine and her allies, there are some reasons why it might not have been the case. Although Puig was considered a potential threat, he had yet to win any competitions. Therefore, there was no evidence that he would be good at playing Big Brother. The only thing Puig has had on his resume so far is winning a Backstage Pass on the first night. On top of that, Taylor has been the main target at home throughout the season. By evicting Puig instead of Taylor, the houseguests left in the game the player they had wanted to take out for so long. Now not only is she still in the house, but Taylor also has the opportunity to gain power that could eventually turn the house upside down.

As long—time viewers know, “Big Brother” is a difficult game, both physically and mentally. When playing at home, these people do not know whether their game moves are good or not. Only when the season comes to an end can they see what went well and what went wrong. By making Puig the first evicted Big Brother of the summer, the games of some guests will achieve even greater success, while others, as a result, may begin to suffer.


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