Big Brother: What kind of crazy game twist would Julie Chen Moonves like to See


Every season of “Big Brother” brings a new surprise, and longtime host Julie Chen Moonves has a unique game twist that she would like to see in the show. As the host of the competition series for so many years, Julie has seen all the twists and turns that have come and gone. Some of them were hits among fans, while others were not liked by the audience.

Unlike most seasons of Big Brother, there have already been two turns of events in season 24. Initially, the main highlight of the season was to be a backstage pass. Although it started on the first night, the turnaround quickly ended after Paloma Ogliar dropped out of the game on her own. Due to her leaving the game early, the first eviction of the summer was canceled, as was the turn behind the scenes. The following week, the Festie Besties twist was added to the game, in which all guests are paired up.

Although the production manages to come up with a completely new twist every summer, there is one game twist that Julie Chen has in mind, but which has not yet been implemented. According to EW, the longtime Big Brother host would like to see a season of “Beauties vs. Moms.” Julie explained that with this potential twist, a group of “beauties” or extremely attractive people would enter the house first. These players will test each other and think about being part of the next Big Brother performance. Then the house was turned upside down when each of the “hot” moms came into the house. A group of attractive people will be forced to play this game together with their mothers.

In fact, if you put a group of “beauties” in a secluded house with all their moms, the potential drama associated with any performances will increase. It used to be quite difficult to put on a show without risking your game. Now they have to worry about their moms getting caught. In addition to this, the participants will be forced to play an even dirtier game, as they will have to compete with their own moms. Or, if a supposed ally attacks his mom or offspring, the game can get even more confusing very quickly. Despite the fact that fans hated the many plot twists associated with Big Brother, in fact they may like to watch this one.

Although Julie compared this potential turn of the game to the turn of the exes in season 4, the probability that this turn will actually happen is less. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult for mothers and their children not to tell each other that they are leaving for three months to compete in the Big Brother house. Such a turn is possible only if the duets of mothers and children are separated and do not talk to each other regularly. It would be like when Daniele Donato and her father Evel “Dick” Donato competed together. While some tweaks and changes may be needed, Julie might figure something out with this potential Big Brother twist.


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