Big Brother Spoilers: who won the final HOH, part 1, and what it means for Part 2


Warning! Below are spoilers from the live broadcasts of the 24th season of “Big Brother” as of Friday, September 23. Read at your own risk!

We have officially come to the last days of the 24th season of “Big Brother”, and what the season has been like at the moment. After some wild turns (and even some vomiting), three houseguests remain, and over the next few days they will compete for the chance to finally get the grand prize of $750,000. It all starts with part 1 of “The Last Head of the Family”, which gives the winner a huge boost to potentially win it all on the final night.

Fans watching channels with a Paramount+ subscription were able to see many wins, evictions and more happening outside of the CBS broadcast, and now we can confirm the winner of Part 1. So let’s find out who won HOH and what. this will mean moving forward in the second part.

Turner won the final HOH, part 1
Matt Turner’s consistent winning streak continues, and he has achieved a significant boost by winning Part 1 of the final HOH. As always, the winner of Part 1 gets time to relax, while the remaining two houseguests meet in the second competition. He will rest and prepare for Part 3, and he will probably weigh up his options of who will best make it to the finals if he ends up winning Part 3.

What it means for Final HOH, part 2
Because Turner can relax until the third part, which means that Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale will fight in the second part. Suffice to say, this could create a peak of drama between them, especially after the infamous “headphones incident” that apparently got them thinking. to an abrupt stop. It’s definitely still up in the air whether there will be love feelings after the show ends, but for now, it looks like they’re keeping the peace.

As for who has the advantage in the next contest between Taylor and Monte, it honestly looks like a toss-up. Both have a solid track record in terms of winning competitions, and I would personally add that both have had surprisingly weak performances in competitions this season, and I expected them to dominate. This is true for all physical, mental and skill-related issues, so it will be interesting to see if this continues.

However, I believe in one thing: Taylor will have to at least win this competition if she has any hope of winning Big Brother. When it comes to competitive awards in the game, Turner and Monte sit roughly on an equal footing. The only X-factor in this “Final Three” is that none of them have faced the same level of adversity in the game as Taylor, which could make a big difference to the jury (assuming they still don’t have a habit of bullying her). I’m not sure that Monte or Turner would want to risk taking Taylor to the “Final Two” and would rather let the jury decide between the two of them who is the most worthy winner in the 24th season. just let’s see how these last days will pass and what will be said during this time.

Big Brother has a special edition on CBS(opens in new tab) on Friday, September 23, at 20:00 Eastern European time, and its finale will air on Sunday, September 25, at 20:00 ET. The finale should be explosive, especially if Jasmine Davis has another one a food item that she can compare to Julie Chen Moonves. Let’s hope he lives up to the hype of this exciting season.


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