Big Brother Spoilers: who became the head of the family in the second week and who can they nominate

Warning! The following contains spoilers from Big Brother’s live broadcasts as of Friday, July 15. Read at your own risk!
The 24th season of “Big Brother” started incredibly hard: the controversy surrounding Paloma Aguilar and fans were upset about the treatment of Taylor Hale. The expected events of the week were still happening somewhat normally, at least until Paloma’s unexpected departure (for “personal reasons”) led to a complete reset in Week 2. The backstage pass is gone, and now the new head of the family is responsible for getting the game back on track for CBS viewers and Paramount+ subscribers.
Taylor’s eviction seemed like a guarantee in the original plans for last week, but a fresh HoH might just give her a new lease on life in the game. It really depends on who wins this week, but from what we know, her safety is practically guaranteed.

Jasmine is the head of the family in the second week

Those who watched the Big Brother eviction live may be shocked to learn that Jasmine Davis won the second HoH competition. During the live broadcast, she stepped off the ledge after the qualifying competition and suffered such a serious ankle injury that the show had to switch to advertising while other guests carried her to the winners’ platform. She was lucky, at least in a way, and now she will spend a week recovering as the head of the family.

Who can Jasmine nominate for eviction

Jasmine didn’t talk much about the game other than her participation in the group “Girls’ Girls”, but we know that she also had some business with Paloma and Alyssa Snyder when they wanted to collaborate with three other guys in the house. I guess things are changing with Paloma’s departure, but I don’t think it’s any secret who Jasmine would like to target in the second week.
Unfortunately, Big Brother fans, it looks like Taylor is in trouble again. Jasmine didn’t contact Taylor after she entered the house and told others that Taylor assumed she was fat. Jasmine’s other nomination is more like a wild card scenario, but I think there’s a chance we’ll see Taylor on the block again. I would also say that Terrence Higgins is in danger, especially if Jasmine doesn’t have clear goals and she just wants to get two people back there who were already on the block.
One potential lifesaver for Taylor is that with Paloma gone, the number of Big Brother guests is eight men and seven women. This balance can sometimes influence HoH’s decisions, and if Jasmine is looking for protection and wants to unite the ladies of the house to try to even the odds, she can definitely do it. As mentioned, Jasmine has found her way into a couple of key alliances, but she hasn’t really unveiled any serious game plan as to how she’s going to play. This week will be very revealing in this regard and will probably strengthen some groups that hope to move forward together ahead of the upcoming turn of events. In short, everyone will want to follow the Paramount+ broadcasts live.
“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 20:00. Eastern time and at 21:00. ET on Thursdays. The fun in the house has just begun, so now is the right time to check out the live broadcasts and get inside information about what’s going on.