Big Brother Spoilers: who became the head of the family in the 4th week and who can they nominate


Warning! The following contains spoilers from Big Brother’s live broadcasts as of Friday, July 29. Read at your own risk!

The 24th season of “Big Brother” in its last episode served several “blind cream beans” and brought the newly formed alliance “Abandoned” the first major victory in the game with the eviction of Amira Jones. As fans wonder if this active style of early gameplay should permanently affect the game, many guests in the house struggled to figure out what was going on and hoped they would win over the Head of the Family to regain control of the game.

CinemaBlend constantly monitors the events of the game with our Paramount+ subscription and receives the results of the latest HOH contest. Here’s who won this week and how their victory is likely to affect the further development of the game.

Monte is the head of the family in Week 4

So far, I have been relatively surprised by Monte Taylor’s performances at the competition, as it seemed strange that one of the most athletic guests in season 24 could not win a single early victory. Whether he deliberately staged the competition or not, we cannot be sure, but now he is HOH in Week 4, and this will undoubtedly give many in The Leftovers a reason to breathe easy next week. Someone outside of their alliance is likely to go home, but who?

Monte will probably try to eliminate another big threat

Big Brother Houseguests are targeting the strongest competitive threats in the first weeks of the competition, and this is a welcome gameplay change. I would like this trend to continue this week and in the future. Given Monte’s alliance with The Leftovers and the likelihood that this trend will continue, there are two goals that I see above all others. I bet that in his nomination we will see either Nicole Lyogue and Taylor Hale, or Alyssa Snyder and Indy Santos, or Kyle Kapener and Daniel Durston.

I think the decision will largely depend on whether Monte wants to block Nicole or not. Nicole called herself the second most powerful woman in the house, and I don’t think she was wrong to think that she was perceived that way. Destroying Nicole, especially when Taylor is the other option, seems like the safest eviction game for Monte, while eliminating a serious threat from the game.

The real question is whether Monte wants to give Nicole a chance to save herself with a veto contest. Closing it seems like a safer option, but since the veto competitions are held in pairs, at the moment he can also just ask Taylor to try to intentionally quit the competition so that they lose. The latter could lead to Daniel and Nicole throwing themselves at Taylor again, and I’m not sure anyone wants that to happen.

In case Nicole wins the right of veto, I think the smartest decision would be to evict Daniel. With that said, I think Monte will eventually decide to keep the guy instead of the woman for his personal game, and instead we’ll see Alyssa or Indy go home. Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball, and Matt Turner has completely defied expectations with his HOH, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 20:00. Eastern time and on Thursdays at 21:00. ET. The game is in full swing, so be sure to take part and maybe subscribe to Paramount+ to follow by what is happening on the air.


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