Big Brother Spoilers 24: Who Won the Veto in Week 6


Warning! Below are spoilers from the live broadcasts of the 24th season of “Big Brother” as of Sunday, August 14. Read at your own risk!

At the moment, “Big Brother 24” really feels scripted with all the wild events going on. After spending the first half of the game at the bottom of the house, Taylor Hale finally became the head of the family, and, as cool as it was, this week she had problems with clearly defining her goals. Initially, Taylor was aiming for the eviction of Indy Santos and Terrence Higgins, but given other plans, it seems she would like to get a chance to block the guest.

Taylor needs a veto to make this happen, so it would be beneficial for her to have someone who wants to use it this week. CinemaBlend tracks Big Brother 24 events using live streams (which can be streamed with a Paramount+ subscription), and we know who won that veto. Also, we have some ideas about what might happen if it is used, and who might see the lock if it happens. Let’s get into all of this and figure out what could be a really exciting upcoming week.

Kyle Kapener won his second victory with the right of veto (after winning in Week 4), and this is a big plus for his gameplay. With Alyssa Snyder, who is part of his entertainment, and the “Leftovers” covering for him, he is in an advantageous position to get far in the game. He will obviously try to keep the fire on others like Michael, who has a chance to break the all-time record of veto wins, but I’m sure people will pay attention to Kyle as well.

Will Kyle use the right of veto?

At the moment, it’s not entirely clear whether Kyle will use the right of veto, and that’s because plans changed quickly during Taylor’s HOH. Initially, it seemed that the target was Terrence. This continued until Joseph Abdin came up with a plan to hide the numbers of The Leftovers. Joseph suggested that Taylor ask for a veto and appoint Terrence as a pawn to hide what was happening.

It took some convincing, but eventually Joseph and Taylor realized that putting Terrence out was a terrible idea. After all, in season 24, there was a tendency to target strong players, such as the recently evicted Amira Jones, and one has to imagine that the guest would be strongly tempted to take Joseph instead of Indy or Terrence.

After the plan to name Joseph as a replacement candidate failed, Taylor found out that Alyssa was commenting on her. Now she’s hoping Kyle will use his veto power so she can kick Alyssa out and send her to a jury trial within a week. Michael has already warned Kyle that this could happen, and it looks like The Leftovers will get together to make a group decision on this later. Ultimately, it may just be a drama in vain, and we’ll see Indy or Terrence move on to the jury without much incident. However, the whole ordeal is still noteworthy, as it could mean the beginning of the end of The Leftovers.

“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. There’s a double eviction coming up, so we’ll see how these storylines potentially affect this coming Thursday.


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