Big Brother Called for Racial Bias against Taylor Haley


The cast and crew of the 24th season of CBS were called out again as fans defended Taylor Hale against alleged racial misconduct on the show. Taylor found it difficult to find a common language with most of the guests from the first day. Many women in the house avoided the Michigan pageant queen because they felt she didn’t want to hang out with them. Shortly after moving into the house, Taylor first started chatting with the guys from Big Brother, which seemed to upset Alyssa Snyder, Paloma Aguilar and some other women.

The ladies wrote off Taylor from the first night and seemed to use every opportunity to intimidate her. They did not make life easier for Taylor, who burst into tears a few days later and sobbed quietly in the bathroom. Although it is unclear why she was so emotional, it was believed that she overheard Paloma gossiping about her. Many viewers were unhappy with how others treated Taylor and defended her on social media. After seeing the video of Taylor crying, various fans took to social media to say that she did not deserve such treatment, and believing that the production team should handle the situation.

However, another Twitter user, Alle2real, called Big Brother again shortly after the crying scene. A fan sent a direct message to the production team on Twitter, posting an image of a note that referred to the “vile treatment” of Taylor in the house. The tweet, published with the hashtags #blackwomencantwin #bb24, says that the show was not dedicated to the game, but at the same time there is a bias towards the actors. The fan asked for changes and encouraged other viewers to retweet, writing: “The bias that black black women face is absolutely ridiculous… .keep @ CBS. And keep retweeting!!!”

Many Big Brother viewers have supported Taylor ever since they started noticing her abuse by other actors. Former franchise star Xavier Prater also joined fans in her defense, tweeting with a link to the all-black alliance he helped create: “The treatment of Taylor in #BB24 is a prime example of why The Cookout was formed.” Xavier continued, “Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color have no chance in the Big Brother House because of the persistence of microaggression and unconscious biases that haunt our society.” He ended his tweet by admitting that some of his past actions may have influenced the behavior of current guests, and apologized.

Taylor may have a hard time communicating with other Big Brother guests, but the love she receives from fans continues to grow outside of the show. Fans insisted on changes to the series after some of the Big Brother housemates started harassing Taylor. However, given the new tweets and a series of posts in defense of Taylor that constantly appear on social media, it seems that fans will not rest until the producers start working on improving the situation. Nevertheless, one can only hope that Taylor will learn to cope with the situation and play her game, waiting for the producers to do something about the fears of fans.