Big Brother 24: Who won the right of veto in Week 4


Warning! Below are spoilers from the live broadcasts of the 24th season of “Big Brother” as of Sunday, July 31. Read at your own risk!

At this point, I think it’s fair to say that the 24th season of “Big Brother” is changing the franchise. This is especially true after two weeks of inactivity and the fact that The Leftovers alliance quickly took over the running of the game in week 3 after the eviction of Amira Jones. The fourth week gave more impetus to the guests from this group thanks to the victory of Monte Taylor in the nomination “Head of the Family”. But since the veto contest is still ongoing, there is always a chance that his plans may collapse.

CinemaBlend tracks events in the Big Brother house by watching live broadcasts (which can be viewed with a Paramount+ subscription). Thanks to this, we learned the results of the veto contest and whether the winners intend to use it. Let’s dive in and talk about the drama that could result from this latest victory.

Kyle and Daniel won the right of veto

Kyle Kapener and Daniel Durston won the right of veto and, as Festie Besties, have the right to save the currently nominated duo, Alyssa Snyder and Indy Santos, from the blockade. Both guys are happy to win, but since they represent two very different alliances, there will probably be some tension in the long run. Kyle intends to use the right of veto and will most likely implement this plan unless Daniel somehow convinces him not to do so.

Will Daniel be able to prevent Kyle from using the right of veto?

Kyle is part of The Leftovers alliance, and his current plan is to use the veto power so Monte can put Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale in the block. Taylor is also part of this alliance, so the ultimate goal is to vote for Nicole and remove another influential player from the opposite side of the house. The only problem with this strategy is that Nicole is one of Daniel’s closest allies and he won’t want Nicole to leave, not their other allies, Alyssa and Indy.

By now, Daniel realizes that he and Nicole are currently in the house. He assured Nicole that he was going to convince Kyle not to use the veto to eliminate Alyssa and Indy. The main problem is that if one of the Besties wants to use the right of veto, it will be used. Daniel will need to turn to Kyle to try to save Nicole, and right now there is only a small chance that he will succeed.

One thing I see is that Daniel convinces Kyle that they can send Alyssa out of the house this week, which will save Kyle from her uncomfortable flirting with him. Alyssa was not too subtle about wanting to make a spectacle of a Guest, and now it’s clear that Kyle has largely come to terms with it. Detaining Alyssa for another week means she will be much closer to being on the jury, which effectively means they will have to stay in isolation together if they both get out.

I’m not sure Kyle will thwart his group’s goal of just getting Alyssa out of the house, but I’m sure he’ll succumb to temptation. I think it will take more effort on Daniel’s part to prevent the use of the veto, and Nicole’s chances of returning home this week are quite high.

“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. In addition, if you want to dive into the Paramount+ channels, check out the tips for newcomers live CinemaBlend BB if you are not familiar with them.


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