Big Brother 24: Who was the winner in the nominations in the first week of the Right of veto


The first week of “Big Brother 24″ is in full swing, and during the premiere episode, the first head of the family who nominates the first two people for eviction this season won. If the winner of the “Right of Veto” nomination decides to use POV, the head of the family will have to appoint a third guest. In addition to HOH, there are 15 other guests eligible for nomination during the first week. However, in the first episode, Julie Chen Moonves revealed the first twist of the season; Whoever holds the title of boss behind the scenes at BB Fest is safe for the first week, but he cannot participate in the first week’s competitions or vote during the eviction ceremony. They can also participate in the next HOH competition. The boss behind the scenes can also save three houseguests from nominations, but not from eviction at the end of the week.

After 16 new guests moved into the Big Brother 24 house, they had to choose a ticket to participate in BB Fest, which sent them to the HOH preliminary competition. Three groups of five people were divided into Porta Potties, Piercing Tent and Merch Stand, and the backstage boss was sitting in a golden chair upstairs behind the stage. The Porta Potty competition was called “Potty Talk” and Monte Taylor entered the final round on the main stage. The second Piercing Tent competition was called “Piercing Panic” and led to Michael “Turner” Turner joining Monte in the Mainstage HOH competition. The final competition was endurance in a trading booth called “Hanging Tough”, in which Daniel Durston took to the main stage to compete with Monte and Turner. In the end, Daniel won the final competition on the main stage of BB Fest in a competition called “Drumming For Power”.

Daniel may have won the first HOH contest, but he won’t be able to nominate Joe “Puig” Puccarelli as he became the boss behind the scenes during the first turn of Big Brother 24. Puig chose Alyssa Snyder, Brittany Hoops and Paloma Aguilaras as backstage pass holders. These three cannot be nominated or vote, but are not protected from eviction. America will have until July 14 to vote ten times to save one of them.

Who did Daniel nominate as a candidate for eviction?

With only 11 options to nominate two guests for eviction, Daniel, an Elvis impersonator, contacted Nicole Lajog at the beginning of the second day to say, “I don’t want macho to win this fucking show. But we have to do it.” strategically. Not right away.” They formed a Final 2 alliance called the “Rogue Rats”. Despite the fact that he said he didn’t want macho to win the game, Daniel kept his word by appointing two minorities on Day 3 instead of any stereotypical “macho” Big Brother. He chose Michael Bruner, an openly gay man, and the oldest actor at the age of 47, Terrence Higgins, a black man.

Who was elected to the right of veto?

In a late-night conversation at the Memory Wall, Taylor Hale told Michael that he needed to talk to the women in the back bedroom, known as Jetson’s room. On day 4, before the Power of Veto players were selected, Michael went to Jetson’s room and asked if the first Brazilian to play Big Brother USA, Indy Santos, would be willing to play for him. During the Power of Veto player selection, Daniel, Michael and Terrence chose Amira Jones, Indy or Turner to participate in the POV competition. Kyle Kapener, the star of Tik Tok, was chosen to host the contest.

Who got the right of veto?

Since Daniel won HOH and nominated Michael and Terrence, the ideal scenario would be to keep the same nominations. Michael was the original target of HOH, and he asked for the metaphorical help of Janelle Pierzin before the POV competition. He said: “I feel good. I will let my anger and rage motivate me. WWJD. What would Janelle do? scene.” Janelle, who is now an Alyssa Lopez fan, must have sent Michael some Minnesota mojo because she saw this particular update and tweeted: “Destroy all their dreams, Michael.” Michael must have gotten Janelle’s luck because he won the first veto and will definitely lift the lock at the first POV ceremony.