Big Brother 24: Who is likely to be evicted in Week 5, and how the vote may end


Warning! Below are spoilers from the live broadcasts of the 24th season of “Big Brother” as of Wednesday, August 10. Read at your own risk!

The fifth week of the 24th season of “Big Brother” has almost come to an end, which means that it’s time to say goodbye to the next guest. Michael Bruner’s first head of household has seen a total of five people, but only one of them will be sent home on Thursday. Michael won and used his veto power in the fifth week to remove Joseph Abdin, Terrence Higgins and Monte Taylor. So, who is at risk of returning home this week, and where will the votes fall?

CinemaBlend tracks the events of the 24th season of “Big Brother” (just like you, watching live broadcasts with a Paramount+ subscription). Based on what has been presented, I have an idea as to who is likely to go home between Daniel Durston and Kyle Kapener. Here’s a look at where the votes are now, and who we’re likely to see on the night of the eviction.

Who is voting for Kyle’s eviction?

Currently, Kyle Kapener feels like a big threat, and as a result, he can definitely be killed sooner rather than later. His entertainment with Alyssa Snyder gives him some security with her and other houseguests outside of The Leftovers, and of course he is a co-founder of the Leftovers Majority alliance. Despite all this, it looks like Terrence will be the only one to vote against Kyle this week. And this move has more to do with loyalty to Daniel than recognition of Kyle’s status as the main competitor in the game.

Who is voting for Daniel’s eviction?

Big Brother fans may have realized that if Terrence is the only person voting against Kyle, then in the elimination process, everyone else eligible to vote in the upcoming eviction is likely to vote for Daniel. It took the unexpected eviction of Amira Jones in week 3, and then the subsequent eviction of Nicole Lajog. But it seems that those who are not part of The Leftovers have finally realized that there is another majority union in the house, and they don’t want to be on its bad side. Alyssa, Indy Santos and Jasmine Davis may have once been Daniel’s allies in the house, but it looks like they see the writing on the wall and will vote with the house to evict him.

It’s also worth noting that Daniel has done very little for his game since Nicole’s eviction. His public argument with Monte, which could have led to the reading of Michael HOH’s letter being cut from the episode, did him no good and only hammered a nail into his coffin even more. In addition, Daniel proved early on that he is a strong player, even if he seems to be a person who is currently alone on the island.

Daniel is likely to be evicted in the fifth week

Right now, Daniel’s eviction is a good game, unlike Kyle’s eviction, which causes distrust among the “Abandoned”. Daniel will almost certainly leave the Big Brother house on Thursday and face the backlash that Amira and many others have seen due to the abuse of Taylor Hale.

“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Anyone who wants more can check out the live broadcasts, and now is the time to do it, because it seems that we will soon see another endurance competition in the channels.


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