Big Brother 24: Where to find actors on social networks


Big Brother 24 came out of the gate with a bang with a new twist when one player, Joe “Puig” Picciarelli, was sent to the “backstage” of the festival’s theme season and forced to choose three other players to join him. .

As the “expect the unexpected” mantra continues, fans are excited to learn more about the 16 guests beyond what was shown in their introductory videos. Who will become favorites, popular, great strategists and competitors is still unknown. Some of the players are already famous personalities, while others behave more quietly online. And some are lifelong, diehard fans of a game that always makes things interesting.

Joe Puig Picciarelli

Joe “Puig” Picciarelli doesn’t have a visible Instagram account. Fans know from his intro that he is from Florida, from a large traditional Italian family and works as an assistant football coach. Fans also enjoyed watching host Julie Chen call him Puig, based on the best reactions on Twitter to the season premiere of “Big Brother 24.”

However, to fans who want to know more about the “Bundle” who became a victim (or a lucky one?) the first turn of the season, will have to wait until he decides to create a public profile somewhere on the Internet, or watch the season to see what makes him tick.

Alyssa Snyder

Alyssa calls herself a public figure on Instagram, and indeed, her account on @alyssanida has about 57,000 followers, although she has posted only 37 times (at the time of writing this article). Most of her posts are selfies in which she poses in different outfits and in different places.

The marketing manager is ready to become a favorite in the house thanks to her playful nature, although she has already been banished backstage in the twist of the first episode, which may unexpectedly throw a wrench into her social game.

Amira Jones

It seems Amira doesn’t have an Instagram account. The content designer has little, if any, presence on social media. Little is known about her other than the fact that she is 31 years old and originally from Maryland.

Most likely, Jones can create a social media presence after her participation in the show, or it can be created for her during her stay in the house. At the moment, it is not easy to find it on the Internet in any of the popular social networks.

Kyle Kapener

Full of personality, Kyle is on Instagram at @kylecapener, where he posts lots of shirtless photos, photos of himself on adventures, images with his dog and humorous photos joking about things like the fact that he still lives with his parents. He has the most followers on Instagram among all the guests of Big Brother 24.

However, the most popular Capener is on TikTok, where he has more than half a million subscribers. There he publishes, as noted in his opening video “Big Brother”, a lot of silly dance videos with his mother and other family members, as well as alone.

Brittany Hoopes, a certified clinical hypnotist, has an Instagram account at @britt.hoopes, and she has quite a few subscribers: just over 1,700 at the time of writing this article. She posts a lot of selfies, photos of flowers and other picturesque images and images of nature.

Her profile states that her husband maintains an account while she is away. It doesn’t look like the Atlanta native was present on any other social media sites. However, there is a chance that fans will be curious about her and her profession, and they will check her Instagram profile while she is participating in the show to find out more.

Daniel Durston

It’s no wonder that Daniel Durston has a fairly active Instagram account, because he already works in the entertainment industry: a performer from Las Vegas works as a tribute artist, posing as the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley himself. His Instagram account at @danieldurston is filled with promotional photos and images of his performances on stage.

He can also be followed on Twitter @downtowndurston, where he shares similar photos and details of the show. He is also on TikTok, where he posts many videos in which he sings, often dressed as Elvis.

Indy Santos

Indy is on Instagram @indysantosofficial, where she calls herself a “public figure” in her profile. She has about 20,000 subscribers, and she sends requests to her manager on her profile.

Santos posts a lot of selfies and staged photos in bikinis, while traveling and with friends. It doesn’t seem like she’s present on other popular social media: her Instagram LinkTree points to an inactive TikTok account, although she can be found on YouTube with videos offered in her native Portuguese.