Big Brother 24: Where Amira’s Game Went Wrong


The start of “Big Brother 24” was not easy, but the season is rapidly gaining momentum, largely thanks to an unexpected conspiracy against a powerful player Amira Jones. 31-year-old UX designer from Westminster, Maryland, Amira started the season from an excellent position. Although she is far from fan favorites due to her involvement in the mistreatment of Taylor Hale at home, Amira has been an important figure in the season’s strategy so far.

Amira was a vital part of the first two weeks of strategy in Big Brother 24. In the first week, she helped form the Girls-Girls Alliance, a women’s alliance made up of most of the women in the house. This group particularly excluded Taylor, who was ostracized, insulted, and ridiculed behind her back by “Girl-Girls.” Amira was also instrumental in blinding Joe “Puig” Puccarelli during the eviction in the second week after he volunteered to go on the block. Amira was the first to suggest that the House was targeting Puig instead of using him as a pawn against Taylor, which led to Puig being stunned by a unanimous vote on eviction night.

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Unfortunately for Amira, her game completely collapsed in the third week of the season. After Matt “Turner” Turner became the head of the family, Amira and the rest of her allies expected him to target Taylor for eviction. However, after pawns Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes removed themselves from the block with the power of veto, Turner stunned half of the house by appointing Amira and her “Festie Bestie” Terrence Higgins. This led to the fact that the house plunged into chaos. Amira just played an overly obvious game in the early part and completely ignored the dynamics of the house. She was too self-confident to realize that a coalition had formed against her, and regarded her as the head of the alliance, while Terrance, her partner in the Festie Bestie turn, was considered a pawn.

Kyle to the camera: We are all in the alliance of the Remaining. Amira is so sure that she stays. She doesn’t even think she has a chance to come home because she has Po’s Pack, Girls Girls and Old School #BB24.

— Big Brother Daily (@BB_Updates) July 27, 2022

Amira was a member of three alliances: “Girls-Girls”, “Po Pack” (a six-person faction created in honor of Paloma Aguilar, who left the game in the first week) and another six-person group called “Old”. School.”Amira believed that these alliances would ensure her safety, but they did the opposite, exposing her as a self-serving player with too much power. Her positioning as a powerful player and a clumsy strategist has made her game erratic and unstable. Her sloppy triple-dip gameplay contributed to the formation of a resistance force among outsiders in the game: Turner, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor and Kyle Capener. A group calling themselves “The Abandoned” secretly teamed up to implement a huge blind defense against Amira on the night of the eviction. They planned to keep their union a secret and let the other half of the house sink further and further into chaos and confusion.

Amira has a lot of potential, but she made the classic Big Brother mistake of playing too hard and too fast. Instead of laying low and imperceptibly influencing the game, Amira put herself in an obvious position of power, even going so far as to confront players like Joseph about their personal conversations with other guests at home. However, fans will surely remember Amira for a long time, because her blind side promises to be one of the highlights of Big Brother 24.


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