Big Brother 24: Week 5 Veto Power Results (Spoilers)


The Big Brother 24 competition, Week 5 Power of Veto, took place, and live broadcasts showed that Michael Bruner became the winner of the competition. He has now won four of the five vetoes of the summer and has won every veto competition he has participated in. Michael is also currently the head of the family (HOH), so he has all the power this week. Since Brittany Hoops is his Festie best friend, she’s also safe for the week.

As Big Brother HOH, Michael nominated the trio of Festie Besties, consisting of Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor and Terrence Higgins, for eviction. Joseph and Monte are part of Michael’s alliance, The Leftovers, and Michael uses them as pawns along with non-alliance member Terrance to block Daniel Durston. Michael believed that even if Daniel somehow won the right of veto, he could instead send Terrence home and keep the union safe.

Live broadcasts showed that Michael won the right of veto against Brittany, his nominees and Festie Besties Matt “Turner” Turner and Jasmine Davis. The Power of Veto game was a legendary OTEV competition, a big brother classic that is usually played later in the game. The guests of the house were surprised that this season OTEV came so early. Brittany was injured at the competition, and she had to have stitches on her knee. Turner also dislocated his knee during the competition. Terrence took second place in the game.

After OTEV, Terrence, Jasmine and Alyssa one by one came to the HOH room and tried to suggest the idea to kick Monte out of the game instead of Daniel. Indy also spoke to Michael, telling him that it would be difficult for her to vote against women and Joseph, but she did not mention Monte’s name. Michael and Brittany let them all talk to get information, but Michael’s target still seemed to be Daniel. Now that Big Brother has won the veto, Michael has the opportunity to put his plan into action to block Daniel. However, live broadcasts showed that Leftovers member Kyle Kapener is beginning to doubt that his Festie Bestie Daniel can be used by a backdoor. Whatever happens, since he’s been given the power of veto, Michael has full power to control his HOH nominations and do what’s best for his game.

Michael is a self—proclaimed superfan who has established himself as a computer beast. It’s so nice to watch a member of Big Brother play an old school game after many seasons of competition in which players swam, rolled and threw to remain unnoticed. Although Michael may have set himself a goal on his back by winning so many competitions, the houseguests would have had to beat him to evict. There seems to be no stopping him, and he’s on his way to winning the $750,000 Big Brother grand prize.


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