A Big Bluetooth Error Allows Access To Phones Storage


Cyber ​​security company ERNW has discovered a very serious vulnerability on devices with Android 9 and below. This vulnerability allows hackers to access phones’ storage via Bluetooth.

Millions of devices using Android 8 and 9 are in danger. Cyber ​​security company ERNW has detected an error that allows access to storage space for devices with Android 8 and 9 via Bluetooth. This error, which allows malicious people to easily access the storage of smartphones, allows personal data to be stolen, deleted and malware installed on the device.

When the malicious person reaches the storage unit via bluetooth, it can steal and erase personal data or cause serious harm to users with spyware it will add.

Don’t neglect to update
According to the report published by ERNW, Android 10 devices also have this error, but technically there is no access. So it does not pose a problem in these devices. It is highly recommended that users with Android 9 and earlier make the February 2020 security patch.

ERNW says that it is not very correct for users with an outdated operating system and not yet receiving the security patch to use Bluetooth until the problem is resolved. The problem disappears because hackers cannot access the device when Bluetooth is not used.

Additional Precautions
If you need to use bluetooth, you can take some additional measures. One of these precautions is to turn off the visibility after connecting to bluetooth with your device. If you turn off your device’s bluetooth visibility, malicious people cannot see your device directly. You can also check the devices that are connected to your phone via bluetooth frequently. If you know the MAC addresses of your own devices, you can react accordingly when you see that another device is connected to the phone.

ERNW announced that as soon as they make sure that the updates are available to all users, they will publish a technical report on the vulnerability, including evidence of the error.


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