Big Bang Theory: 10 fun facts you haven’t noticed Howard


If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you’ve probably had a lot of laughs with Howard Wolowitz, after all he’s the womanizer in the series – until he meets his future wife – but awkward and awkward like the rest of his group of nerds and scientists. Do you know these unusual facts that we separated about Howard?

10. Your middle name is Joel

In one of the episodes, Howard reveals to Bernadette that his middle name is Joel. This is mentioned only once during the entire series, so you would have to pay close attention to keep the name.

9. Your online identity is Wolowizard

Like Raj, Sheldon and Leonard, Howard also spends much of his time playing online games. Therefore, he has a secret identity: the username Wolowizard, a joke with his surname Wolowitz. He calls himself Wolowizard and magician many times.

8. He only has one hair on his chest

According to Bernadette, he only has a long, lonely hair on his chest, but, in other episodes, the actor has only worn a robe, revealing a rather hairy chest. This may be a strange curiosity (and even a little disgusting), but it is a fact that you may not have noticed until now.

7. Howard always wears an alien pin

All The Big Bang Theory characters have a unique fashion style and … well, questionable. What you may not have noticed is that Howard always wears an alien brooch under the collar of his robes, regardless of the look chosen.

6. He has a huge collection of belt buckles

Howard has a huge collection of belt buckles, in different colors and shapes. In one of the episodes, he forces Sheldon to clean them all up.

5. He was abandoned by his father at the age of 11

Throughout the series, Howard’s relationship with his mother (who never came out, just being a voice that screams all the time) was addressed. However, it took some time to find out that his father abandoned both his son and his mother when he was just 11 years old.

4. He has two aunts

Another of the most unusual curiosities about the character is that he has two aunts who live next to him: Betty and Gladys. They never appeared, but have been mentioned a few times throughout the series; Gladys, in fact, was who Mrs. Wolowitz was visiting when she passed away.

3. He also has an uncle

Finally, it is worth remembering that he still has some uncles, but Louie is the one that stands out the most. He also never appeared in the series, but is mentioned in an unusual context: when Raj says that the woman Sheldon is going to meet – Amy – must be a woman for having breasts, Howard replies: “you should see a picture of my uncle Louie in swimsuits ”.

2. He lost his virginity in a car

Howard lost his virginity in a Toyota, as did Bernadette, however, to his shame, the girl in question was his cousin, Jeanie. The event is mentioned twice, once when he meets Jeanie as Stuart’s partner at a ball.

1. Howard is fluent in sign language

Finally, one of the curiosities that you may have noticed is that Howard knows how to speak sign language and this is how he helps Raj on a date with a deaf woman. He also knows how to speak Klingon – a science fiction language.

Did you like to check out these curiosities about Howard from The Big Bang Theory? Tell us your favorite in the space below and take the opportunity to share the list on social networks.


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