Big bang in Lebanon destroys buildings


Beirut, Lebanon, suffers a great explosion and several buildings were completely destroyed in several kilometers around.

In Beirut, Lebanon, a colossal explosion surprised the region and the entire world on Tuesday as it destroyed multiple buildings for several kilometers around, smashing windows much further away.

Videos that have started circulating on the internet show the explosion in the city’s port area, showing a thick plume of smoke rising into the air, before a large fireball exploded, quickly followed by a huge explosion, a mushroom cloud exploded that was felt miles away.

“We live 10 km from the scene of the explosion and the glass in our [buildings] shattered,” Abir Ghattas tweeted.

According to local media, the impressive explosion in Lebanon that has already traveled around the world, was due to a large fire in a fireworks warehouse near the port, and reports have also begun to come in that several people were injured in the attack. explosion.

Witnesses tell what they experienced in the explosion

Leila Molana-Allen, tweeted that the explosion had destroyed her block: “All the buildings in my block are destroyed. Huge explosion in [Beirut]. All covered in glass and blood, “he wrote. “My apartment in Beirut was destroyed.”

“The force of the explosion was massive, I was walking down the street and they threw me to the ground,” said Zeina Khodr.

At the moment the place and the areas near the place are in complete panic, in addition to the streets you can see glass everywhere.

For his part, Health Minister Hamad Hasan said that there is a high probability of a series of injuries. Televised images of downtown Beirut and the port area show catastrophic damage to infrastructure and buildings.

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