Big Ace Attorney Diaries are Recording


The Capcom compilation would arrive on Switch, PlayStation and PC. Tales from the Borderlands and Genshin Impact also appear among the records.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Ace Attorney series, and while Capcom has its hands pretty busy with Resident Evil (also anniversary), it doesn’t look like it’s going to forget about the most famous lawyer in video games. This is what makes us think about the appearance of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in Taiwan’s rating records this week, a compilation leaked months ago that most likely includes The Great Ace Attorney and The Great Ace Attorney 2.

Tales from the Borderlands a Switch; Genshin Impact, to PS5

Both 3DS spin-offs were set in the 19th century and put us in the shoes of an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, but they never made it out of Japan, so the pack would be cause for celebration twice. The list, which you can see below these lines, specifically refers to versions for PC, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Switch, although curiously it omits Xbox (where the previous compilation, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, did appear).

The news does not stop there and also points to the launch of Tales from the Borderlands on Switch. The relaunch of the game from the late Telltale Games was announced a few days ago, although confirming only PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, the European rating system also advanced versions for PS5 and Xbox Series, and now the Taiwanese does the same with the Nintendo hybrid.

Finally, the tip also indicates the arrival of Genshin Impact to PlayStation 5. Despite initially going viral due to its great resemblance to Breah of the Wild and creating some skepticism for its gacha mechanics, the action RPG of miHoYo ended up becoming one of the greatest hits of PS4 in 2020 (console edition only). It is currently compatible with PS5, but creating a dedicated version may allow for further enhancements.


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