Biden’s victory could boost electric cars in the US


Elected president of the United States last Saturday (7), Joe Biden has plans to implement a new climate agenda in the country, which in addition to promoting many forms of clean energy, could accelerate the shift to electric cars.

A fan of vehicles powered by electricity, the Democrat has already declared his intention to put the United States back in the Paris Agreement, whose proposal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28% by 2025. One way to reduce pollution is to increase the amount of sustainable cars on the streets and roads.

To encourage the adoption of less polluting vehicles and adapt the country to the stricter environmental standards, Biden proposed a climate agenda with investments of US $ 2 trillion. Part of this money should be used as a “voucher” for people who switch from gasoline cars to electric cars.

In addition, he also plans to build around 500,000 new charging stations scattered across American territory, according to InsideEVs, and to replace the entire government fleet, replacing combustion vehicles with electrified ones. The proposal also includes financing the transition of automakers to cleaner models and greater support for small companies that are new to the segment.

Proposals may face resistance

Biden’s proposals regarding investment in cleaner energy have been celebrated by scientists and even by Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess. The executive suggested in a statement to Bloomberg that a victory for the Democrat would be better for the future of electric cars in the United States.

However, the president-elect’s plans to invest in cleaner forms of energy will depend on a few factors. The main one is that the Democratic Party obtains the majority of the seats in the American Senate, which is not yet guaranteed.

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Without the legislature at his side, he is likely to face many difficulties in establishing his climate agenda.


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