Biden’s lead in polls continues with 7 days remaining


Seven days before the presidential elections to be held in the US on November 3, it appears 7.9 points ahead of former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his rival, current President Republican Donald Trump in national polls.

Presidential elections in the USA are in the last 7 days and voters in the country started to vote by going to the voting centers and by mail.

According to the current polls compiled by the political analysis site ‘Real Clear Politics’, when the average of many national polls is taken, it is seen that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is 7.9 points ahead of the current President Donald Trump.

‘Swing states’ will determine the fate of the election

On the other hand, the fate of the elections in the country will be determined by the states that go back and forth between Democrats and Republicans and are called “swing states”.

In Florida, which is one of the most critical states, Biden is 1.5 points ahead of Trump, while Biden in Pennsylvania has a 5.3 points advantage.
Biden leads 8.1 points in Michigan, 5.4 points in Wisconsin, 1.2 points in North Carolina and 2.4 points in Arizona.

More than 60 million votes have been cast so far

On the other hand, according to the “US Elections Project”, the website that compiles early voting information in the USA, more than 60 million 507 thousand people have voted so far through mail and voting at the ballot box.

While the number of votes cast by mail exceeded 40 million, approximately 20 million people chose to cast their votes one-on-one in polling stations.

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