Biden transition process, Trump prepares to appeal


Biden, who is sure to win the presidential elections in the USA, started preparations for the “transition period” before his official duty, which will start on January 20. But Trump’s team will contest the results in at least two states.

Joe Biden, the winner of the US presidential election, started preparations for the transition process. Biden and his aide, Kamala Harris, are expected to receive a briefing from the COVID-19 advisory board today in Wilmington, Delaware state, and make a statement on the economic recovery with the coronavirus pandemic in the wake of Biden.

Biden and Harris’ campaign team also set up a website called, outlining their priorities for the transition process. Accordingly, the priority of the new president in this process will be the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate change and racial justice. “Teams are formed to work on these challenging tasks from day one,” said Biden.

Biden’s agenda, which is expected to determine his team responsible for the pandemic today, includes the re-participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, which President Donald Trump withdrew, and the lifting of the travel ban imposed on people from 13 mostly Muslim countries.

Official process not started

Despite all these preparations of Biden, the transition process has not officially started yet. The transition process between the two presidents in the US is handled by the General Services Administration. However, the administration’s director, Emily Murphy, appointed by Trump, has not yet started the process, and there is no transition schedule given to the administration.

Claiming that the election results were “fraudulent”, President Trump has yet to admit defeat. Trump went to golf on Saturday, when the media reported that Biden had reached the required number of delegates to be elected president; yesterday he tweeted “Since when does the fake media decide who will be the next president?” made the exit.

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The first appeal will be filed in Pennsylvania

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani signaled that they will file lawsuits against the election results in some states as of next week. Speaking to FOX News, Giuliani said they would appeal to the court against election officials in Pennsylvania for “violating public rights, organizing an unfair election and violating the rule of law principles”. “Our second case will be in Michigan or Georgia,” Guiliani added. Although Guiliani says “he has a lot of evidence”, there is no evidence that is reflected in the public and that could affect the election results.

There are also those in the Republican party who accept the election results. Former US president George W. Bush congratulated Biden and Harris by stating that “the outcome is clear.” Bush said in his statement, “The American people can count on these elections to be fair. We must be one for our family, our neighbors, our nation and our future.” So far, two Republican senators also congratulated Biden, one of which was Mitt Romney, who voted against the president at Trump’s impeachment hearing. I wish he could see it, but it is not in the nature of this man ”.

With the finalization of Biden’s victory, global markets also started the new week with a rise. An upward movement was recorded in the Asian stock markets, in the US and Europe. Although the votes are still counted in some states, Biden has received 74.6 million votes so far, and Trump 70.4 million, with the current votes providing 279 delegates to Biden and 214 delegates to Trump.


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