Biden took the lead in Michigan state in US Election


Biden leads the elections with a very small margin in the US elections, which is the world’s eyes. However, in Michigan, which is one of the 9 states whose results are not yet clear, Biden’s lead strengthened the possibility of winning the election.

The people of the USA went to the polls to elect their new president. While Republican candidate Donald Trump struggles not to become the first president to lose an election in office after George HW Bush in 1992, Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden aims to return to the White House at the end of the election.

According to the ballot boxes, Trump has secured 23 states with 213 delegates and Biden has guaranteed 21 states with 238 delegates. Even though it gets less than one vote, it sends more members to the Selection Committee, which will determine the president. With Biden taking the lead in Michigan , his chances of winning the election got stronger.


According to the news reported by Reuters as the last minute , Joe Biden took the lead in the critically important state of Michigan by increasing the number of votes by 0.3. Biden, who is also ahead in Nevada and Wisconsin, will win the election, reaching 270 delegates according to uncertain results if he wins the majority of the votes in these three states.

Latest in Michigan: 49% Donald Trump – 49.4% Joe Biden (94% of votes counted)

If Biden wins the state, it will win the votes of Michigan’s 16 Electoral Board delegates and gain a huge advantage on the way to the White House.


According to the votes counted so far, Biden is leading in Wisconsin and Michigan, while Trump is leading in Pennsylvania. The counting of postal votes, mostly cast by Democratic voters, has not yet begun.

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Latest situation in Pennsylvania: 54.8% Donald Trump – 44.1% Joe Biden (yet 67% of the votes counted)


According to CNN, the latest situation in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia, the five critical states where the vote count continues:

Georgia: Trump 50.52,381,870% votes, Biden 48.3% 2,279,736

Trump’s two-point advantage continues in this state, where Republicans have won comfortably in the past. However, the number of games waiting for the census and enough to change the outcome belong to the Democrat-concentrated centers, making Georgia open to all kinds of consequences. The result is expected in the state on Wednesday afternoon.

North Carolina: Trump 50.12,732,120%, Biden 48.62,655,383%

95 percent of the votes were counted. However, the votes cast by mail are expected to arrive. Deadline is November 12th. So we may have to wait up to a week to see who wins this state.

Wisconsin: Biden 49.21,585,174% Trump 49.01,578,053%

In this very critical state, where Trump won by 22,000 votes in 2016, there is a 49 percent – 49 percent race in favor of Biden with a small margin. The ongoing count of mostly Democrat-leaning cities, such as Green Bay, makes Biden more hopeful in the state.

Pennsylvania: Trump 55.0% 2,969,504, Biden 43.6% 2,350,664

Joe Biden is 650,000 votes behind Trump here. However, he claimed in his speech that they would win his hometown Pennsylvania. There are over a million votes in the state that have not yet been counted. The count can take up to Friday. The fact that a significant portion of the uncounted votes belonged to major centers such as Philadelphia and Pittsburg and the postal votes keeps Biden’s hope for the state alive.


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